A lightning conductor with early leader emission (Fr. PDA - Paratonnerre à Dispositif d'Amorçage) is the main element of the lightning protection system protecting a building against fire and damage resulting from lightning discharges. In stormy conditions, it generates ionization earlier than other elements of the protected building, thanks to which it directs the lightning current to itself. The GROMOSTAR T lightning conductor ensures the preferred point of lightning strike, while protecting all elements in its protection radius.

The GROMOSTAR T lightning conductor is additionally equipped with a test system that allows you to check the technical condition, including the electrical parameters of the lightning conductor, without the need to disassemble it.

Technical data:

Compliance with standards:  NF C17-102 (2011-09), EN 62561-1
Advance time ΔT: 45 µs
Material: stainless steel
Overall length: 479 mm
Diameter: Ø50,8 mm
Mounting: M16 x 30 mm
Weight: 2,15 kg
Warranty period: 10 years

8 m test lead included

Radius of the protection zone:

H - height of the lightning conductor over protected elements (H ≥ 2 m required)

R - radius of the protection zone

ΔT[μs] Type Level of protection (effectiveness)

Protection radius R (m) for height H (m)

H=2 H=3 H=4 H=5 H=7 H=10 H=20
45 GROMOSTAR 45 T I  (98%) 26  39 51  63 63  64 65 
II  (95%) 30 44  58  72  72  73  75 
III  (90%) 33 49 65  80  81  83  86 
IV  (80%) 36  54  71  89  90  92  97 


For buildings requiring protection at the level of 1 ++(99.9%) and for buildings posing a threat to the environment (specific hazard factor hf=20 according to the EN 62305-2 standard) or that may cause environmental contamination (hf=50 according to the EN 62305-2 standard), the values of the protection radius should be reduced by 40%.

To download

Certificate of the Institute of Power Engineering (PL)

Technical card - GROMOSTAR 45T (PL)

Technical card - GROMOSTAR 45T (EN)